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This is for more detailed guidelines and rules beyond the Rules of Engagement.

Or, maybe not.

Howard here. I think this page can use some hijacking, because I need a way to suggest direction without spamming everybody. So. Page hijacked. MOVING RIGHT ALONG...

My thoughts:

  1. There needs to be a way for me to enter canonical "original authorial material" on pretty much every page. Since we cannot protect individual parts of pages, I'd like to propose an addition to all templates, maybe a section called "Author's Notes". - (exists now in all templates, sas137)
  2. We need images. I'm sitting on a goldmine (the motherlode, the vein to end all veins, whatever) but I don't have time to properly go after what's in it, nor do I know what you need. So what we all need is a method whereby I provide high-resolution files to somebody who has the time and inclination to crop, lasso, and otherwise polish these bits for use here.
  3. How do y'all feel about fan art? Not fan-fic, fan ART. Specifically, do you think that Ovalkwiki would make a good home for Schlock Mercenary fan art? Discuss!
  4. We're going to need a small cadre of new organizers -- active ones, who will step up to take some of the load off of Jason "FreeRangeOyster" Dyck's shoulders. (Note: his surname is pronounced "dike," like the thing that prevents the oceans of chaos from sweeping the cultivated lowlands into oblivion. Fitting, yes?) There is HUGE potential for hurt feelings and bruised egos in this dicussion, so be careful. Aaaand discuss.

That's all I've got for now. If you have specific questions for me, specifically, please so specify in the discussion thread. Did I use "specific" redundantly enough? And now, I need to go ink a week of comics.

--Howard, June 15th 2011


  1. Author's notes sounds OK unless someone comes up with a more Schlocky title. On that point, Howard has made several cameo appearances in the strip, and maybe there is a catchy name somewhere in that. I tried to look them up but got horribly sidetracked.
  2. I can do a bit of this. Big question here is how to make the files available to those who need them when they need them. Slightly smaller question is how to decide which images are needed, and where. This could be dealt with to some extent by an image request page.
  3. Why not? Some will be good, some won't.I can live with that.
  4. I can help if needed. My availability tends to be sporadic.

---Peter, June 16th 2011

No pages meet these criteria.