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Boomex is a powerful explosive. It is motile, highly dangerous, and manufactured by nanoassembler. It is unable to explode independently, and requires an external detonator. Detonators also have the capacity to make boomex permanently inert. 2008-03-08

As a motile explosive, boomex has limited intelligence, but has the necessary sensory capacity to seek out and attach itself to detonators.2008-03-07

To make it more dangerous, it can be 'doped', or have other explosives mixed into it for greater effect. In order to produce an explosion capable of ripping a hole in a Battleplate, Lieutenant Shore Pibald doped two tons of boomex with six hundred kilograms of an antiproton-fullerene matrix. 2008-01-08


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First referred to by name in 2007-07-03

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