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The Enireth are a smooth-skinned sapient race, evolved from Tinth-Philkra's fresh-water amphibioids. They have long, floppy ears, pinkish skin, three-fingered hands, and eyestalks. They are an intelligent, noble, and proud people, worthy of respect.

On the average, anyway.

Some Enireth believe that they dream of flight because at one point in their evolutionary history their ancestors flew. They're wrong about the dreams part, but their distant ancestors were a flying toad-like creature 2003-03-31.

They appear to share similar use of makeup and ear piercings with humans [2003-04-06 ]. And frat boys 2003-03-31.

Notable Members

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Notable Organizations

Puddy-Sphat-Bilger (fraternity) [2003-04-06 ]. Psesah SWAT team [2003-04-19 ].


First mentioned 2003-03-30, first shown 2003-03-31.

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