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A custom cryokit with six centuries worth of institutionally suppressed medical technology


The history of the Magic Cryokit has been revealed piecemeal over a long period of time in the strip.

First thought to be "just" an illegally modified cryokit (property of Todd "Lazurus" Lazkowicz, the Tough's first doctor), it is later revealed the Doctor was a fugitive UNS researcher, part of Project Laz'r'us, a top secret project for prolonging life, and the kit part of that research.

Can rebuild a body no problem, as long as you have enough organic matter to give it 2001-04-11, 2001-11-04.

Was eventually in the hands of the Fleetmind, shown when Petey reveals that Kevyn's super soldier blood nannies came from the illegal cryokit 2007-05-16, but I cannot find the link as to when that happened [FIXME]

Notable Examples

[Just what it says]


First appearance

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Other notable appearances

  • reattaches Doyt's head, and merges the consciousness of Doyt Gyo & the AI Haban 3122 embedded in his spine, see DoytHaban 2001-03-09.
  • regenerates the body of most of the away team that was on board the Princess Tyola [2001-11-04 - 2001-11-10]
  • corrects Brad's stunted growth from childhood 2001-11-06
  • corrects Thurl's being 'big-boned' 2001-11-07
  • grew a new brain in Haban II, Doythaban's gateclone 2001-07-29
  • suborned by Petey to grow an organic body 2004-09-05
  • Confiscated by the UNS when they grab DoytHaban from the Toughs, but really Capt. Tagon sent it along disguised as DoytHaban's trunk, lest the UNS come after the Toughs looking for the 'kit 2003-01-12

Author's Note

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