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The creator & owner of Land of Sidney theme park.


At the tender age of twenty-four, Newt Sidney took the holotainment world by storm with a talking mouse. Then he built a theme park empire armed only with his wit and his dreams. A century later he maintains his near-monopoly by more tried and true methods, such as threats and lawyers.

To make up for his financial shortfalls after failing to crush Magic Dream-Land, he had the World of Sidney board of directors issue him an option on 200,000 shares of Sidney stock for only a half-cred per share, and then he married his administrative assistant in a ceremony attended by the everybody-who-is-anybody of jet-set entertainment conglomerates 2001-09-10.

Based on the above information, Mr. Sidney is 124 years old.

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World of Sidney


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First appeared 2001-09-10.

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