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  • Here are all the categories of articles that our Members and Organizers have created. This makes a great jumping off point for any research or wand
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  • ...hand. Members who demonstrate particular aptitude may be invited to become Organizers, assuming we need the help at that level. ...making it more (circular definition in three... two... one...) organized. Organizers are the ones who may re-template your page, or even re-define a whole set o
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  • # We're going to need a small cadre of new organizers -- active ones, who will step up to take some of the load off of Jason "Fre [[Category:organizers]]
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  • ...from a strip, post a link to the strip in the discussion page. One of the Organizers can assist here. Organizers may add to this page as needs evolve and other issues arise.
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  • ...o link what you're writing to existing pages. If you make a mess there are Organizers who can clean it up.
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