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  • Acey Nubs is a three armed sophont who sells questionable hardware and ships. ...ceptre of Unrelenting Pain'' that was briefly christened //[[The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance]]// [ 2004
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  • ...d the galactic age over 900 years ago, and now do business with all manner of alien folk. Some of the very '''''most''''' alien of those folk are the [[Carbosilicate Amorph|carbosilicate amorphs]], like [[S
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  • The character lists are a detailed listing of all the characters in a particular book and section. All characters who hav * **[[Sergeant Schlock|Schlock]]** - Page 1. Has not yet joined Tagon's Toughs, so has no rank
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  • ...11-09-20 2011-09-20]. An old and much modified vessel, but little is known of its history. ...leschul system. The AI has the quirk of tracking the genealogy and progeny of everyone that has ever traveled within its hull (which [[Lieutenant Para Ve
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  • ...ied starship used as a mercenary warship, which is operated by the Tagon's Toughs. [Insert the known history of this particular vehicle]
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  • ...nst [[schlockmercenary/Damico-P'Sloqye|Damico-P'Sloqye]] during the rescue of [[schlockmercenary/General Karl Tagon|Karl Tagon]] and [[@schlockmercenary/ ...universal docking collar, and enough juice to throw up shields in the face of weapons fire. Creature comforts include fully reclining sleeper seats, a fu
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  • ...chievement by a member of the unit. They are also exchanged in recognition of visits to an organization<ref></ ...55 times its' original goal. There are over a dozen coins created as part of the project, including:
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  • ...from [[Eina-afa]], now home to the A.I. Bristlecone, after the destruction of the gunboat //[[Bristlecone]]// [ How a ship millions of years old became the new hull for a 600 year old artificial intelligence is
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  • ...; This habitat appeals to the Oafa since it is, in essence, a big can full of sky. It is large enough to fit [[Mars]], [[Luna]], and [[Europa]] inside [h ...the "tree line" on the pillars, and is likely created in part by the heat of the lighting system on the spindle.)
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  • He looks like a flying maraca with eyeballs. He is fond of puns, and uses a mazer as a weapon. His spherical head section which contai ...truments, their music, and even their tabloid-cover lives were the product of an Artificial Intelligence owned by the record company and called, with all
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  • A hypernet-powered mind-to-mind joining of the AI's of hundreds of capital warships that works as one. Mostly Petey, the Fleetmind consists of all the ships brought together in the Teraport wars.
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  • ...agon Class]] Cruiser, which was first warships to be used by the [[Tagon's Toughs]]' when the Webcomic began. ...warship and belonged to [[Captain Kaff Tagon|Kaff Tagon]] at the beginning of the comic. She was destroyed by conversion bomb mines planted on her by [[P
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  • ...), which would have been an emblazoned excuse for reckless engineering, so of course, he wasn't allowed ''that'' name! [ [[Category:Ships of Tagon's Toughs]]
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  • ...gravy gun. The halo caused by the out of phase effect has the side effect of irradiating the entire assembly, and this design costs about ten times as m ...hole from the weapon's muzzle to the target, through which it fires a beam of near-fusing deuterium. Unfortunately, firing the weapon expends the ship's
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  • 2014-02-28] The Oafa fled the war to their 'can full of sky' [ 2013-04-20] - a vast ship ...p:// 2014-03-07]) and became the new AI of an Oafa warship named [[Broken Wind]]. [
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  • =As of the beginning of the current book...= [two paragraph summary of who the main players are]
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  • now a massively parallel melded intelligence known as Emperor Pius Dei of the [[Plenipotent Dominion]] [ 20 ...nary/Captain Kaff Tagon|Captain Tagon]] had to order the AI never to think of this again [ 2001-05-13].
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  • The ship served the [[Tagon's Toughs]] as their main starship. ...ckage. Apparently due to some bizarre quirk of hydrodynamics, the gurgling of the air trapped in the plumbing sounded exactly like an evil voice saying t
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  • ...les]] while orbiting [[Europa]], before they were cleared out by [[Tagon's Toughs]]. [Insert a brief description of the circumstances of the vehicle's first appearance in the comic and a link to that strip.]
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  • A ship designed to tow other ships. The division of the [[Tagon's Toughs|Toughs]] into four units for book 11: [
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