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Howard will dump things here.

If you have a few moments to move some of this to where it should be, and tidy it up, that would be greatly appreciated.


PLACE Uupl (Planet) orbiting Gruluupl (star). Inhabited by Uuplechans (featured at the beginning of Book 18.

Far Uupl is the part of the star system roughly corresponding to Sol System's trans-Neptunian orbits and Kuiper Belt. Outer Uupl corresponds (roughly) to the scattered disc.

Notable characters Doctor Viki Gugro, sister to Corporal Peri Gugro of Tagon's Toughs. (Fobott'r) Captain (unnamed as yet) of Gruuli's Legacy (Uuplechan)

First appearance - Sept 18 2017. Outer Uupl first mentioned by name on Sept 27.