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About Tags

Since the correct usage of tags is paramount for selection in widgets, I put together a short list of tags here, and what they are intended for. This doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't invent new tags, just check first if your intention is already here, please.

If you don't want to add to the sorted table, just append new tags and a short description in plaintext at the end. Someone else will add it ....

Widget Selection

Keep in mind that it is only possible to select for the existence of tags, i.e. there's no logical NOT in the widget-selection possible. ex.: . select all Members of Tagon's Toughs : "characters, toughs" . select all Members of Tagon's Toughs, who are retired : "characters, toughs, retired" . select all Members of Tagon's Toughs, who died : "characters, toughs, dead" but . select all Members of Tagon's Toughs, who are neither retired nor dead : "characters, toughs, active"

Current Tags

Just click on the tag to see the entries currently tagged thus

(... work in progress ...) translate: yes, it's not complete ... but that seems to take ages

Tag Cloud

include component="tagCloud"

tag used for //example /notes//
active for active members of Tagon's Toughs has to be tagged toughs and characters at least
ai any artificial intelligence - not the technology itself Petey, Ennesby
battleplate denoting the vehicle class battleplate Every vehicle of that class
bk-nnn Book Volume nnn, where that entry connects to. More than one volume possible, obviously. Replace nnn with 3-digit-number;

Yes, Howard, I expect you to carry on ;-) So, once more unto the breach!

example: bk-012
bradicor sophont class Bradicor Rod needs to be tagged thus ...
categories look to the right - this puts the entry into the Categories navigation menue in the long run definitely not theright tag for this.
characters any character of the plot Captain Kaff Tagon, Petey, ...
celeschulian anything or anyone from Celeschul
dead well, guess ... prerequisite tag: characters
delete A page that should be deleted (typically a misnamed duplicate)
female do I really need to explain that? prerequisite tag: characters
grunts identifies the normal soldier in Tagon's Toughs. Includes everyone from Private up to Corporal has to be tagged toughs and characters at least
human sophont class Human
male look at female ... prerequisite tag: characters
nco Non-Commissioned Officers in Tagon's outfit. Includes seargents up to chiefs and warrant officers. The first non-nco rank would be ensign ... has to be tagged toughs and characters at least;

While the distinction isn't really made in the Comic, it would seem prudent to follow best practices. ;->. And we can always pull grunts and nco together, but dividing them later isn't that easy.

officers Well, duh. Ensign to Admiral, what else? has to be tagged toughs and characters at least
places adds entry to list of places can be used with other tags if you wish to classify in a more granular fashion ("habitat", "planet", etc.)
purp denoting the human sub class Purps
redirect A page that should be redirected to another; typically a common search term that would be used (see plasma cannon, plasgun, plasma gun for an example)
rename A page that should be renamed (typically is not named according to the Style Guide)
retired for members of Tagon's Toughs __only__ who are retired has to be tagged toughs and characters at least
robot well, that's a hard one!
sophonts All those different races in the verse
sophont subclass used together with the sophont class it enables us to divide into subclasses check Human and look there for Purps ...
stub A page that is incomplete, needs more information. A quick way for a user to find something to do on the wiki - just search for pages tagged stub, and edit away!
taussenian somehow connected to the Tause System.
technology denotes a type of technology Be careful: Type is not every application. Ex: Teraport ist the basic technology behind the terapedo ...
teraport app applications of the technology teraport the terapedo comes to mind ;-)
toughs identifies members of Tagon's Toughs
toughs2 for non-military members of Tagon's Toughs, i.e. neither officers, nco nor grunts apply has to be tagged toughs and characters at least. Ennesby is one of those, as Adjutant to the Captain.
uns anything or anybody connected with the UNS
uns-retired for characters who were employed by the UNS, but aren't any longer;

the normal retired tag doesn't cut it, for imagine someone retired from UNS - services and started at Tagon's Toughs

prerequisite tags: characters and uns
vehicles Denotes any kind of vehicle
vehicle classes This is a type of vehicle, not an individual ship or ...
weapons Denotes category Weapons.