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Uklakk are a bicameral life form. Each Uklakk consists of two identical bodies (both of which appear to be fully functional, even containing duplicate brains) which are in constant communication through radio transmission. In modern times, hypernet nodes have been used to extend the range of this radio transmission, allowing for some impressive feats to be accomplished with ease.

Notable Members[edit]



Notable Organizations[edit]

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Author's Note[edit]

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Tchukk refers to his twin bodies much like limbs. It would be interesting (if perhaps unethical) to see what would happen if one of the bodies was destroyed--would a Uklakk be capable of maintaining higher function, or are both brains necessary? Equally interesting--what happens if you separate the two bodies and shield them from radio communication? Do you end up with two Uklakk, or one and a relatively uncontrolled puppet? If two Uklakk result, what happens when you bring them back together--something akin to what happened to Schlock on 2005-09-14?

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