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This page, and many related pages, need to be rewritten and retitled to reflect the naming conventions used in the PLANET MERCENARY RPG. Good news! It will be much easier to classify vehicles and vessels.

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Here is a dump from Howard's Wiki. When you create a page for one of the classes below, remove it from the list:

Corvette 25-50m (no examples in the strip canon) Tausennigan Light Troopship: 30-60m (the Toughs had one in Magic Dreamland) Frigate 40-100m (the _Sarasota_, which is 60m long) Tausennigan Heavy Troopship: 100m (The _Serial Peacemaker_, which is now a bit longer than that after the refit) Dragon-Class Cruiser 60-200m (the _Kitesfear_ was 75m long) Battlecruiser 100-300m (no examples from strip canon) UNS Destroyer 250-400m (_Athens_ was once 400m long) UNS Carrier 400-600m (There was one next to the _Serial Peacemaker_ when it was docked on the Hellavator prior to the _Tunguska_ showing up -- strips from late 02 and early 03) Tausennigan "Cloak" class weapon platforms: 1000 kilometers long, 50km wide, 20 primary 25km annie plants, flexible chain construction

  • UNS ships -- cities*

UNS Destroyer "Athens" UNS Carrier "Dublin" UNS Frigate "Sarasota"

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