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This page will list cameo appearances of "real-world" items or people in the strip (Yes, yes, you can argue that we are stretching the definition of 'real world' by listing appearances of webcomic characters, or the Tardis, for example. So no need to mention it, we already know).

Feel free to add links as you find them! (Please add in reverse chronological order, newest on top)

Cameos by the Author

Howard has "broken the fourth wall" and appeared in his own strip several times, including: 2001-05-05, 2002-04-07, 2002-05-05, 2003-05-05, 2004-05-05, 2006-09-02.

Sandra appeared in the strip as well, on 2004-05-05.

Not sure what to head this section... For now, I'll call it

Modern Day References

I would like to see listed below modern-day (to the reader) references in the strip, such as...

2012-05-07 - Nick refers to the monitoring lab as "Oisri Dig Dug" 2012-05-05 the X-Files, when the Doctor mentions "the Media Team found a Fan-Sim conclusion to the X-Files that's actually pretty good". 2006-07-31 - Marvel Comics' Spiderman, when the Reverend & Petey are talking, and we get to read the following dialog: Theo: "You're being so responsible. Where's all the old-school smiting?" Petey: "With great power comes great responsibility." Theo: "Ah, the Gospel of Uncle Benjamin." 2004-09-05 Wizard of Oz , when Petey asks the Toughs "I don't suppose it would help much for me to order you all to pay no attention to the bear behind the curtain?" 2004-09-05 Pinocchio when Ennesby says "His nose doesn't get longer when he lies to us, but hey, he's a real boy now Gepetto!"