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Carniflowers are extremely aggressive carnivorous plants located on an unexplored world. Utilizing their poisonous, barbed "Tongues" they latch onto and paralyze large prey, which can then be drawn up to the "flower" and digested. Although sessile, they can and do defend themselves, and are found close to the top of the local food chain 2003-07-01.



First appearance[edit]

Schlock, Nick, Legs, and Shep were led to the carniflowers by what they thought was a treasure map 2003-06-30.

Other notable appearances[edit]

Schlock's immune system defeats a carniflower's digestive juices2003-07-05.

Author's Note[edit]

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


[Insert uncertain and speculative facts about the life form.]

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