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2000 Fan Art[edit]

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I can think of no better way to open up the Fan Art archive with work from one of my first fans and favorite people.

My daughter, whom we refer to on the 'net as "Kiki," was five when she decided to contribute some Fan Art, and naturally she needed to do more than one Ennesby, because he looked kind of lonely all by himself. Fact is, he might just BE lonely... That's fine. I've got years to work out love interests for all the characters in my strip. His time may very well come.

Kiki did have a little help coloring this, but she picked the background shot herself from my collection of Hubble photos.


I just found an email to Martin in my mailbox, dated some 8 months ago, telling him I'd be posting this in a week. I am SUCH a jerk. This is very nearly the first Fan Art I ever received... I should have treated it better.

Martin has his very own webcomic, Talking Head, which I think is kind of ironic (and likely non-coincidental), given the subject matter he chose for this piece.


So there was this thread on the Schlock Forum back in November of 2000, which I'm far too lazy to link to, and it asked the question "what are the giant boobs on the Valkyrie armor actually FOR?"

David Brady (aka chalain) offered this answer, and his was by far the best. It's not canonical, but goshgollygee it's funny.

Oh, wait. Breya says it's NOT funny. My mistake. Never argue with a woman in powered armor.