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A hypernet-powered mind-to-mind joining of the AI's of hundreds of capital warships that works as one.


Mostly Petey, the Fleetmind consists of all the ships brought together in the Teraport wars.

At some point prior to 2014-04-27, it began to be referred to as "The Plenipotent Dominion". Footnote, 2014-04-27: "The Plenipotent Dominion is what used to be called The Fleetmind. It's that AI-powered, city-building superpower parked atop the Milky Way's galactic core, where the supermassive black hole has been turned into a fantastically powerful generator capable of, among other things, moving the entire galaxy. The principal voice of the Plenipotent Dominion, or P.D., is Petey, the warship A.I. liberated by Tagon's Toughs."

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