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Fobott'r are structurally quite similar to humans. Although they've got too many of them, all of their joints go in more or less the same direction. They appear to be humanoids with an extra torso on top of their torso, three digits on each of their four hands, pointy ears, flat noses, and a crest that appears similar to a mohawk hairstyle. The crest is a symbiotic colony that provides blood filtration, cooling, and trace neurochemicals in exchange for nourishment and protection 2014-05-31. Without the crest, a fobott'r will experience extreme anxiety and otherwise unexplainable snot-sadness.

Notable Members[edit]

Notable Organizations[edit]

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The first appearance in the strip of this race was on 2002-01-21, but they were not named until 2002-04-11.

A fobott'r judge appeared on 2002-03-24.

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