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Fullerene body armor is the military standard for body armor in the Schlock Mercenary universe and is used by Tagon's Toughs, the UNS Military, and virtually any other space-faring armed force (though exceptions such as The Gatekeepers exist). The armor is made up of carbon atoms arranged into nano-machines designed to absorb impact or heat energy with extreme effectiveness. Other features may also be incorporated into the body armor such as miniature anti-gravity units, movement assistance (enhanced strength), weapon concealment pouches, miniature oxygen supply, and helmet radios. Body armor is available in low-profile, standard or heavy varieties which offer differing levels of protection. All are strong enough to stop nearly any projectile weapon, and tolerate heat and overpressure from nearby explosions.


No history mentioned in the strip. The idea comes from real research into carbon nanotubes and nanofilaments which are are being used to develop items such as molecule sized computer components and super strong ropes and fabrics. It might be assumed that the Schlock Mercenary tech is just the logical progression of this idea.

Notable Examples[edit]

Worn by Tagon's Toughs, Pranger's Bangers, The UNS Military, Space Pirates, and virtually every other space faring armed force in the Galaxy.


First appearance[edit]

Fullerene body armor was first introduced with Breya searching for some body armor to equip Tagon's Toughs after an unfourtunate incident with a stray bullet. It was described by the armor salesman as being "made of diamonds" when Breya failed to understand the technical explanation offered 2000-11-12.

Author's Note[edit]

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It may be assumed that the first appearance of fullerene body armor was earlier when Schlock catches a guard with his pants down (literally) 2000-10-02.

. It's never specified that the armor he was wearing was fullerene but it can be assumed based on the fact later established that fullerene armor is military standard.

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