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Gaffy is a resident of Luna who apparently like to drink.


Gaffy gets locked up for being publicly intoxicated. He is put in the same cell as Sergeant Schlock, Legs and Andy who have been locked up for disturbing the peace. When the Toughs find out they are in jeopardy, they escape. Here is what happened to Gaffy after that:

Gaffy followed Schlock, Legs, and Andy out of the cell and out of the jailhouse, at which point he caught a cab and headed home. His wife heard him come in at 0121 local time, and while she was just angry enough to have taken a frying pan to him, she was also sleepy enough to wait until morning when she would be better rested, and could swing the pan while it was hot, and full of bacon grease. Just under three hours later, at 0412 local time, the S.W.A.T. team knocked down the door, stormed the bedroom, and slapped restraints on a very hung-over Gaffy. On their way out the door, Gaffy was struck in the head with a thrown frying pan, at which point his wife was taken into custody on the grounds that she either attempted to assault an armored police officer with a class 2 kitchen implement, or was trying to murder her husband. The attorney handling her case is also handling her divorce. 2003-01-05

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