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Nonlethal adhesive rounds used to restrain rather than kill a target.

Some goober rounds, such as green-mod are mildly nanomotile in nature, and can detect buildups of gases related to the most common types of respiration. Shots covering a respiratory opening will migrate away, allowing the target to breathe and, in some cases, see (there are sapient species with eyes in their 'mouths' or 'nostrils,' although it's equally accurate to say that they eat and/or breathe with their eye-sockets). Thus, goober goo that hits a target in the face will migrate off of the face, the victim alive.

However, the nanomotile nature of goober-goo also helps ensure target immobility and maximum discomfort. Green-mod 30 will actually give wedgies, and it's impolite to talk about what green-mod 19 will do footnote, 2002-09-28.

Goober rounds are reusable. While this can be good for the armory, it's not always good for the grunt (someone has to clean it all up!) 2004-04-10.

Strangely, the Planet Mercenary RPG cautions that green-mod "isn't great about avoiding noses and other breathing passages, and wanton discharge of a Goober Gun can smother angry-but-otherwise-mostly-innocent-civilians by the dozens" in its description of the BFF Goober MFG, contradicting the above comment on their nanomotile nature. One might infer that green-mod is less than 100% safe, at least when hosing a large crowd.



A Celeschul battalion experimented with blue-mod goober rounds as a makeshift bungee cord in 2921. It didn't go well. 2008-12-15

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