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"Lunar Space Elevator". One end sits on Luna's Helena plain. The other end is in geosynchronous orbit.

It doesn't qualify as the tallest free-standing structure on Luna, though, because it does not stand. It hangs, in illusory defiance of the laws of nature. With 14 evenly spaced tiers, at one end the ground, and the other the Counter-Weight Station and the lunastationary point.

Approximately 8,000 km high, the Hellavator's express elevators accelerate (& decelerate) faster than any 20th-century Earth-to-orbit rocket, probably by a couple of orders of magnitude. This means that the Hellevator's express elevators must be equipped with inertiic-logic gravitics, to ensure that passengers don't get squished.

To simplify the rest of the math let's say the trip from Tier 3 to Tier 11 lasted EXACTLY two minutes, and that all fourteen tiers of the Hellevator are evenly spaced, with the ground at one end and Tier 14 at the other 2001-01-23 .


No history has appeared in the strip for the Hellevator.

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