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John Der Trihs is a former member of the CDS, where he served with distinction during the Celeschul Terraforming Wars. Following his discharge, he was recruited by Kaff Tagon to serve as a founding member of the Tagon's Toughs. He served with Captain Tagon for several years, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Commander before retiring on Mahuitalotu.


Celeschul Terraforming Wars

During the Celsechul Terraforming Wars, Der Trihs served as a Lieutenant in the Celeshul Defense Service under Commodore Knutsov. Despite his low rank, Commodore Knutsov recognized the Lieutenant's tactical brilliance, and kept him full time as a tactical adviser. During this time, Der Triths established a life-long friendship with Kaff Tagon, who was serving with the Oatmeal Peacekeepers. Der Trihs' subtle manipulation of the Commodore's battle plans saved numerous lives, including Captain Tagon, and earned him the notice of an elite intelligence unit.

One of the major (and highly classified) projects of this intelligence units was an attempt to improve the ability of analysts through a surgical upgrade. Unfortunately, complications in the surgery destroyed Lieutenant Der Trihs' tactical ability, leaving him a "drooling idiot". In order to keep the project secret, the official story was that parts of Der Trihs' brain had been eaten by a Borthwog torturer when he had been captured in the line of duty. He was declared medically unfit for duty, and given an honorable discharge.

Tagon's Toughs

Tagon offered Der Triths a job with the toughs when he started the company out of a long standing friendship and gratitude for saving his life 2005-08-18. He started as lieutenant, and was promoted to lieutenant commander when the toughs expanded on Ganj-Rho 2002-04-14

In the end Der Triths's mind began to come back, and he quit working for the toughs to work as a police adviser on Mahuitalotu 2006-01-01


Der Trihs has suffered a number of injuries over the course of working with the toughs. He has lost his arm in a riot of teenage girls 2000-06-30 and lost all of his body but his head three times. The first time he was blown up by Ch'vorthq's arm 2000-08-11, The second time he was decapitated by Schlock to fit a cryokit with the rest of the toughs2001-10-23, and the third time his tank was blown up in the zoojack 2003-10-27. Each time his head ended up in a jar, a state that he was none too pleased with. His miraculous survival streak can be credited to a skull that has been completely replaced with carbonan and piezogel, giving him a bulletproof, blastproof, fireproof travel case for his brain 2003-12-22. This rather unique body-mod came courtesy of the Toughs's old doctor 2003-12-23.

Affiliations & Relationships

  • Retired from Tagon's Toughs
  • Seems to be in a relationship with Jo


First appearance

First appeared as a recruiter for the Toughs, displaying a surprisingly xenophobic attitude 2000-06-12.

Other notable appearances

Der Trihs' last appearance as major story character occurred in Book 7, Part III 2006-01-01. His penultimate line is an allusion to the 1983 film //War Games.// Attended, together with Jo, the (second) wedding of Reverend Theo and Doctor Bunnigus 2012-01-27

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