Maxim Thirty Nine

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Kevyn Andreyasn's Ship.


Designated TT-12 under the tagging system introduced FIXME. Built by Dayson-Tsingo. Named for Maxim 39: "There's a difference between spare parts and extra parts" Includes redundant Suites of milspec fabbers and two labs. Kevyn's first name choice was "Maxim Fourteen" ("Mad Science" means never stopping to ask "what's the worst thing that could happen?" "), which would have been an emblazoned excuse for reckless engineering, so of course, he wasn't allowed that name! 01-08-2017.

Notable Owners/Pilots[edit]

Kevyn Andreyasn


First seen 01-08-2017

Author's Note[edit]

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


[Insert uncertain and speculative facts about the vehicle.]

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