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Once upon a time there was a boy-band, popular with the femmy tweens 'n 'teens, and it was called the New Sync Boys. Unknown to most fans, the band was literally entirely without substance - holograms and not "real" people. The entire band was fake, and run by an AI 2000-06-24.


Tagon's Toughs were hired to provide security for a concert 2000-06-21. Schlock and Brad quickly discovered the hoax 2000-06-24, but instead of defending the New Sync Boys "holograms from disruption by any of their fourteen thousand amourously aggressive female fans," they engaged a hologram disruptor and blew the hoax wide open 2000-06-28.

"NSB" the AI simulating the band later escaped, and joined Tagon's Tough's as "Ennesby" 2000-07-11.

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First mentioned 2000-06-21. First appeared 2000-06-23. Their cover was blown 2000-06-28.



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