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A military organization, most likely infantry based, possibly based on Celeschul 2003-02-22


Capt. Tagon served with the peacekeepers in the Terraforming Wars.

Notable Members[edit]

Captain Kaff Tagon

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]


First appearance[edit]

First mentioned in a conversation between Kaff Tagon and Schlock on 2003-02-22

Other notable appearances[edit]

Tagon still bears the tattoo common to members of the Oatmeal Peacekeepers as seen at 2003-08-09. //(One important point about tattoos -- there's ALWAYS a story behind them, even if it's just "I had some money to burn and decided to get myself dermally scarred for fun.")//

Tagon's tattoo hearkens back to his time in the infantry among the Oatmeal Peacekeepers on Celeschul. It's a cereal bowl with a spoon sticking out of it, and it's framed by a pair of olive branches.

You might be thinking that an eagle or a dragon would be a more appropriate symbol to emblazon the arm of a warrior like Kaff Tagon. What you'd be forgetting is that the symbol is not nearly so important as what it stands for. That bowl and spoon represent The Oatmeal Peacekeepers, who are an elite unit, skilled in the arts of war, disciplined in the keeping of peace, and fully able to feed you your heart with a spoon should you unwisely persist in making fun of the one on their arms 2003-08-09.

Author's Note[edit]

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