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Partnership Collective Attorneys (aka Attorney Drones) are cloned attorneys in the form of well dressed snakes.


Each attorney is cloned with the same legal knowledge and skills. They have a collective mind and a shared knowledge.


The individual Attorney Drones are distinct from the Partnership Collective itself, which apparently encompasses individuals other than the cloned snakes, as evidenced by their attempt to assimilate Massey Reynstein 2001-01-12.

The narrator's description of the collective itself states: "This communal being has evolved over a thousand years. Originally a humble partnership of attorneys, it incorporated, differentiated, mutated, and assimilated. Today its attorney drones are found in the highest level of government, and in the lowest levels of criminal defense." 2001-07-09.

Affiliations & Relationships

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First appearance

Partnership Collective Attorneys first appeared in the 6th strip of the comic on 2000-06-16 as the attorneys in a hostile takeover of the space mercenary company known as Tagon's Toughs.

Other notable appearances

In strip 2000-07-01 we learn that the attorney drones have shared knowledge. Strip 2000-07-09 gives a little background and insight into the partnership collective. Attorney drones have fangs which can cause unconsciousness in humans 2001-01-10. While attempting to integrate Massey Reynstein into the collective they use a 2001 a Space Odyssy reference 2001-01-12.

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