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A personagram is similar to an A.I. gestalt. It is a dump of the memories of an organic creature into a low-level A.I. (usually __below__ H/V Level 1). Although the memories are all there, the personality accessing them and interacting with the outside world is, at best, a cheap imitation of the individual who passed on.

A.I.s typically have legal rights as people, and in rare cases when an A.I. successfully migrates from one hardware "host" to another, their rights are fully transferable.

Personagrams do not have such rights - especially not rights transferred from the dead meatware person from whom they were derived.

An A.I. hosting a personagram may have its own rights, but they are separate from the individual whose memories it now possesses.


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Notable Examples

The Magic Cryokit had a personagram (the Toughs first doctor) in it.


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Other notable appearances

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