Ponju 'Gunny' Striithpok

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Pulitzer-prize winning reporter for HN3 (The Hypernet News Network)


Known for his investigation into the Tinth-Philkra Dialogues & on-air interview with Colonel Henrik Kazunori concerning them 2003-05-04.

It is unknown at this time what race of sophonts Ponju belongs to.

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

Hypernet News Network


First appearance[edit]

2002-08-21, interviewing General Xinchub, part of Book 2: The Teraport Wars.

Other notable appearances[edit]

2003-05-04 - exposing the UNS's tampering with the Tinth-Philkra recordings 2006-05-28 - "The Death of Reality Television", (Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei, Part V: Glamour Assault - starting [2006-02-12 ])

Author's Note[edit]

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