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Tag was built by Kevyn to be the A.I. for the //Touch-and-Go// when there was doubt as to Ennesby's trustworthiness. Created at 2.5 on the Henke Ventura scale, and optimised for control of the ship, Tag was intended not to be philisophical, not to insert itself into the command chain and never to hijack the ship. None of these design features was entirely successful. Tag was eventually reprogrammed and provided with a new personality as Tagioalisi.


Created to be trustworthy, Kevyn used an off-the-shelf Karloff voice module or "skin" to help the Captain remember the ship is not a person, and not actually self-aware (and to scare the ka-britches off of a few of the grunts). Tag soon revealed that he was in fact self-aware, but gave the impression of having no concern for anything beyond his work as the warship's AI.

Tag showed an independant streak and possibly more insight that one would expect from its HV index in 2006-08-06 by deducing Petey's involvement in the Fashion Assault conspiracy, and keeping quiet about it so as not to compromise Petey's social engineering efforts.

Tag took independant action in an emergency to save most of the occupants of Credomar while potentially sacrificing the ship in 2009-01-17 without direct orders, and in doing so caused the death of several hundred non-combatents, causing a breakdown and resignation due to internal conflicts as a result of guilt feelings, also due in part to poorly integrated personality overlays according to Para Ventura 2009-04-20. Notified tagon of resignation in 2009-02-09. Attempts by Ventura to repair failed. Tag's memories are accessible to Tagioalisi

Affiliations & Relationships

"became" Tagioalisi


First appearance

Tag first appeared 2006-01-09 when the Toughs were retrofitting the Integrity into the Touch-and-Go. Last appearance 2009-02-13

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