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The Tause system (__not__ the Tau Ceti system) is an unusual one in that it gave nigh-simultaneous rise to two races of sophonts, one each on two of the seven oxy-inhabitable worlds orbiting Tause Prime.

The "koalazoid" Ob'enn and the "velociraptoroid" Kssthrata fought each other for 2300 years, and by the time a wormgate arrived in their system they'd settled every rocky patch in the system.

Known Planets[edit]


The Tausennigan War (from Howard's Private Wiki)[edit]

(Note: Some details may be in conflict with current canon. This page should be edited to reflect that.) The Tausennigan War between the Ob'enn and the Kssthrata has, at its root, an accident.

An asteroid impact on Enn nearly wiped out the Ob'enn, and that happened when they were just technologically advanced enough to begin exploring concepts like radio and high-resolution astronomy. They found the Kssthrata on nearby ssThra only AFTER they rebuilt, and naturally assumed that the Kssthrata were responsible. The totalitarian government of reconstruction immediately began indoctrinating the people with concepts of racial superiority. That government remained in power for millennia, and is in power today.

By the time the Kssthrata and Ob'enn were able to understand each others' languages, they'd already launched rocks at each others' homeworlds.

Fortunately for both races, they had fairly equal military footings. They copied from each other extensively, such that the Tausennigan Thunderhead Superfortress designs are common among both peoples. They colonized and all five of the remaining oxy-inhabitable worlds in the Tause system (three-plus-Enn to the Ob'enn, two-plus-ssThra to the Kssthrata), and managed to not kill each other off or gain significant advantage for thousands of years.

The arrival of the Gatekeepers roughly 500 years ago (2600 AD) forced them into an attrition/escalation "cold war" footing -- they were now being contained by the galactic community, and both races wanted out. The Ob'enn wanted to purge the galaxy of non-Ob'enn, and the Kssthrata wanted to get as far away from the psychobears as possible. It was in this environment that a rebel faction of Ob'enn teamed up with the Kssthrata to undercut a strike against the Kssthrata homeworld, and that's where the Sword of Infinite Justicegot his plumbing stuffed with loyal Ob'enn corpses, and was driven insane. Complete Story

The END of the Tausennigan War[edit]

(from a footnote 2004-09-03)

One of the greatest military campaigns in recent history was the Ob'enn "defeat" of the Kssthrata. The two races shared the same star system for millennia, and thanks in part to Ob'enn totalitarianism and self-indoctrination, they never could play nice. The Kssthrata would have been quite happy to be left alone to their world, but at the peak of the thousands-of-years-long conflict they had a military twice the size of that of the UNS... and it still wasn't big enough to protect them from the Ob'enn.

Finally, the Kssthrata gave up. The teraport had opened up literally millions of unexplored star systems, and as soon as a Kssthrata teraprobe returned with news of a suitable empty world, they packed everybody up and moved in.

EVERYBODY. Twenty-two billion peace-loving velociraptoroid sophonts packed up and moved from their homeworld of ssThra and two colonies, and managed to do so without letting the Ob'enn know they were doing it.

When the Ob'enn finally smashed Kssthrata defenses and pounded ssThra's biosphere into damp gravel, there was nobody left there to care, and the Ob'enn never knew they'd been had -- at least not until they read the only-slightly-anonymized account of the largest retreat in known history in Milstrategist's Monthly.

The Kssthrata campaign against the dominant life form on their new homeworld was much less impressive, mostly since it was an oxygen-producing prokaryote.

Current Status[edit]

The Ob'enn now control all seven of the oxy-inhabitable worlds orbiting Tause Prime. ssThra is never going to be habitable again, though. The Ob'enn have cracked it open for materials rather than going to the trouble of fixing the damage they've done.

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