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Tausennigan mini-tanks are made for Tausennigan Ob'enn soldiers, most of whom are between 1 and 1.5 meters tall. The 'tanks can double as dog-fighters, providing both air-cover and ground support. They are moderately stealthy (when parked... there's nothing stealthy about a full-sphere grav shield) and can dump waste heat with 99.99% efficiency through the weapons systems. Armed with energy weapons, mass-slingers, and a solid supply of smart munitions, these things can kick unholy quantities of ponderous butt 2001-12-02.


The toughs first became aware of this particular brand of tanks when Petey offered to create some in his fabbers. he made as many tanks as the toughs could man, or rather, woman. Only three of the toughs, Elf, Chelle, and Sh'vuu, could fit inside of the tanks, and the tank squadron was referred to as "the ladies" on occasion. The tanks have also been used against the toughs by the Obenn. The Tough's tanks have not been seen since two of them were destroyed in the zoojack, though the Obenn have used the tanks against the toughs.


First appearance[edit]

First appearance on 2001-12-02

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