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"If you delete this page it's like they died twice"

(though some have died more often already - and are still around)

Documenting the characters that have been definitely, certainly, not-coming-back, totally killed.

Book 1 - The Tub of Happiness

Book one started 2000-06-12

First Blood: The first death(s) in Schlock Mercenary are a pair of unnamed Attorney Drones killed by Schlock - 2000-07-03 (One was on retainer to Breya, the other was hired by Pan-Galactic Records.)

Brad's Ice Creely pet, eaten by Schlock -2000-08-27

Robber, tried to hold up restaurant the Tough's were eating at. Gunned down by ... everyone. - 2000-09-17

Todd "Lazarus" Lazkowicz, shot (accidentally) by Schlock in a friendly fire accident aboard the //Kitesfear// after being boarded by the KFDA Foodservice Commandos - 2000-10-30

An attorney drone, executed by a KFDA Commando as a way of "settling out of court" - 2000-11-04

An attorney drone, accidentally shot by Schlock when he shot through a wall - 2001-01-14

Thirteen attorney drones, shot in the air by Schlock, who was trying to save Massey after fifteen drones, Schlock, Massey and Brad fell out of the Shirtpin tower on Nectaris City, Luna - 2001-01-21 The other two attorney drones Schlock missed, hit the ground (and Brad) at terminal velocity (same strip).

Three smart-bombs - 2001-02-07 (it can be argued that single-panel appearance characters ought not be counted, but these had speaking parts. Characters like Tuck Chestpuffer [killed by an exploding ball in Sudden Death Armorball] who don't have speaking roles aren't included)

An attorney drone, shot by Tagon - 2001-06-08

Three more attorney drones, shot by Tagon - 2001-06-09

Patch Fancy and Dug Rhandal, shot (and eaten) by Schlock after they tried some standover tactics with Breya - 2001-06-22

Young G'tang, a Gatekeeper, whose head exploded after being spat upon by Haban II - 2001-07-01

F'sherl Guard, a Gatekeeper, melted after being pee'd on by Haban II - 2001-07-04

Young F'sherl 2, a Gatekeeper, excecuted by Haban II for failure to cooperate - 2001-07-08

F'sherl Guard 2, a Gatekeeper, shot by DoytHaban who was rescuing Haban II - 2001-07-18

Gasht'g'd'g'tang, a Gatekeeper, shot in the back by Ennesby - 2001-07-22

Nejjat Captain (and other Nejjat) commit suicide by consuming chocolate to avoid interrogation by Tagon - 2001-08-04

Chuck Robleski, random thug. Hired by Tom McSony to create an "incident" at Magic Dream-land. Eaten by Schlock during the "incident" - 2001-09-27

Mechanic 1, Mechanic 2 and an unnamed Smuggler, eaten by Diamond Beetles aboard the //Princess Tyola// - 2001-10-01

Technically, the entire Tagon's Toughs roster was "killed" aboard the Princess Tyola by the diamond beetles, but they had new bodies re-grown so they don't count as "deaths". The diamond beetles (unknown number) did die.

End of Book 1

Book 2 - The Teraport Wars

Book two started 2001-11-11

The last Bradicor female, accidentally crushed by Brad piloting an Ob'enn transport - 2001-12-14

Technically, "Killer" (an Amorph) was killed by Jane (another Amorph) but the two actually merged and became Schlock - 2001-12-23

Vhorwed Bouncer, presumably killed after being thrown (by Brad or Schlock) a fair distance and then not bouncing on the hard ground - 2002-01-06

An unknown number of Unioc pirates, shot by Schlock and the Toughs - 2002-01-11 and previous strip

Unioc Tank Pilot, shot down by Shv'uu - 2002-01-13

Corporal Hank "Hob" Obscromble, sacrificed himself setting off an explosion to split open a dome he, Lady Emily, Kevyn and fifty odd Amorphs were trapped in - 2002-03-10

Chuck, an Amorph. Consumed by Schlock and Frapp when they absorb his memories - 2002-03-14

Lady Emily Veldtfontweg, eaten by Amorphs. - 2002-03-17

An attorney drone, shot by Massey in Ghanj-Rho station - 2002-03-24

Vice Lord Grak't'b'd'fwee, a Gatekeeper, executed by Admiral Breya for wasting time - 2002-04-21

The original Gav, killed by Captain Megiddo as an example to Kevyn and Triniko - 2002-06-23 (Technically, the original Gav is very, very dead. In practice, there are 950 million odd Gavs after he was cloned.)

Judo Targets and an unnamed UNS Marine, killed by Tchukk in two tanks - 2002-07-09 (see preceding strip for context)

The first Gav clone, killed by six Megiddo's for having cloned him - 2002-07-18

Technically, the original Kevyn and the original Triniko, but they cloned themselves first - 2002-07-19

Mister Skarosh, a retrieved gate clone. The original Skarosh was executed for two counts of Vehicular Homicide, so the gate clone was executed too - 2002-08-31

Around twenty thousand Kssthrata and Ob'enn troops, killed in action during the takeover of the //Sword of Inevitable Justice// - 2002-10-13

Ob'enn Admiral and prize crew from the Scepter of Unrelenting Pain who boarded the Sword of Inevitable Justice, killed when Petey self-destructed - 2002-10-31

Around 10 attorney drones, killed in a variety of situations by the Toughs - 2002-11-06 and the following strips

Major Deadguy, executed by General Xinchub after he found out about project Laz.rus in a data dump from Doyt Gyo - 2003-02-09

End Book 2

Book 3 - Under New Management

Book three started 2003-03-09

The entire meat population of the robots homeworld, when they accidentally crashed a mobile gas giant colony ship into another gas giant - effects seen here 2003-06-02 explained here - 2003-07-28

The youngest son of the Whaleing family - killed by Tagon when it ate him - [2003-06-14] (First Contact event)

Uplift Bot, thrown into a volcano by the natives - 2003-08-10

Interestingly, Under New Management //has both the fewest number of fatalities and the second highest. There are only three documented deaths in UNM, but one of those is an entire planetary population. Billions (trillions?) die, but it happens off-screen so it isn't that big of a tragedy...

End Book 3

Book 4 - The Blackness Between//

Book four started 2003-08-24

Bert and an unnamed Marine Scout, killed by the Pa'anuri (Dark Matter Entities, abbreviated as DaME) when they were hunting booceros - [2003-10-05] (It also turns out that this was the opening shot of the war between the Sol system and the Andromeda galaxy - more on this later

Sergeant Flib Sh'vuu, former communications slug of the Tagons Toughs. His and Elf's Ob'enn mini-tanks were destroyed by the DaME's (Elf survived) - [2003-10-24]

There are some casualties amongst the UNS Marines when Der Trihs' tank explodes 2003-10-27; however, it's not clear how many actually died and how many were merely casualties. At least one (Pongoryobi) shows up later

Jeremiah , a Booceros, killed by Kak and his hunt on the Zoojack while Schlock was riding Jeremiah. [2003-11-28]

J-Lo, another Booceros, ridden into the ground by Schlock - [2003-12-17]

Colonel Jaksmouth, shot in the head by Tagon - though Tagon was actually being puppeted by A.I. Gus of the UNS Tunguska - [2004-02-29]

A goon (probably a Megiddo clone) eaten by Schlock - 2004-03-07 (another goon is slammed against the wall by Elizabeth, but it isn't clear if it is a fatality)

Almost everyone aboard the Tunguska, when it explodes under a DaME attack - [2004-03-12] Some terapods (Contextually, these would be teraport enabled escape pods) manage to escape

End of Book 4

Book 5 - The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance

Book five started 2004-03-15

Benninyninji of Yoming (Planet) - along with an unknown number of staff - killed by orbital fire which hit his facility. [2004-04-11]

Acey Nubs, purveyor of fine stolen goods. Shot in the chest while being guarded by the Toughs - [2004-04-26]

Attorney drone, eaten by Schlock at the Ozvega Detention Center - [2004-05-04]

Boba Octob'ennopus, Ob'enn bounty hunter. Shot and eaten by Schlock - [2004-05-30]

Another baby Ice Creely (from a clutch laid by Privates Tbeki and Iiki), eaten by Schlock - [2004-06-01]

Kreely Sentry, slagged by Ennesby (via the Serial Peacmaker) - 2004-07-19

End of Book 5

Book 6 - Resident Mad Scientist

Book six started 2004-09-12

Unknown number of Ob'enn troops, aboard the Spear of Intoxicating Agony, killed by Schlock in boarding action - 2004-09-13

--Start of Deleted Timeline-- Part of the story in RMS involves time travel. In the first act, things go wrong, by the third act the problems are fixed. This means that some characters who are "permanently killed" in the first act, are then ... well, not raised from the dead, but the conditions that caused them to die don't occur so they didn't. They are included here between start of deleted to end of deleted (when the travel occurs) but they don't count since they are not permanently dead. Warning: spoilers in the preceding paragraph.

Colnel Pranger (and a group of Pranger's Bangers) killed by Schlock - 2004-10-16

A Pranger Banger, Dorythy'd by Tagon after attempting to avenge Pranger - 2004-10-24

Captain Tagon, in a blaze of glory after the Pranger Foxtrot - 2004-10-31

A Pranger Banger, killed by Nick in the rescue Tagon Senior - 2004-12-05

An Ob'enn operative, killed by a Pranger Banger - 2004-12-27 The other Ob'enn are presumably killed as well - 2004-12-29

Admiral Andreyasn, Athena and the entire compliment aboard the Athens II, consumed in the Galaxy Core incident - 2005-02-03 and 2005-02-04

The entire crew of the Flagship Pranger, when they mistakenly fired upon the Battleplate Vredefort - 2005-03-17

Possible: Five UNS Marines stranded in interstellar space. In theory the Vredefort would pick them up when it returned, but... 2005-03-27

VDA Node 42 (there's a teeny AI in there and it had dialogue [sort of], so it counts) - 2005-04-03

Everyone in the entire Galaxy - 2005-04-10 (This would count as the highest kill-count, but there's no evidence that anyone in the old timeline was actually "killed". Still ... it's everybody, so it has to count somewhere, right?)

--End Deleted Timeline-- From here onwards, the time travel is no more. All "deaths" from start of time travel to here are re-set and "didn't happen". All deaths from here onwards are canon.

House Phica Tanker, blown up by Kevyn's anti-matter epaulet - 2005-05-30

Bun Lee Phica (House Phica Tanker), killed by Major Charper (Pranger Shuttle Pilot) - 2005-06-01

Assorted House Phica soldiers, slaughtered by Tagon, Pranger, Elf, Schlock and the other Bangers - 2005-06-22

Untold numbers of crews die in the galaxy core battle (most fatalities would be on the Battleplates, PD ships appear to be [mostly] unmanned) - 2005-07-17

End Book 6

Book 7- Emperor Pius Dei

Book seven started 2005-07-24

Time traveling schlock ("mini-schlock") "sort of" dies, when he is re-integrated into "present-day" Sergeant Schlock due to deep seated amorph reflex to reassemble itself 2005-09-04

Monk, eaten by a shark 2005-10-02

A shark, shot by Shodan 2005-10-23

A giant shark, killed by Der Trihs 2005-10-31

The Mad Scientist, killed by a giant squid 2005-11-05

Two attorney drones, killed by Massey (well, by an exploding document pad) 2005-11-06

End Book 7

Book 8- The Sharp End of the Stick

Book eight started 2006-08-17

End Book 8

Book 9- The Body Politic

Book nine started 2007-05-20

End Book 9

Book 10- The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse

Book ten started 2008-02-29

End Book 10

Book 11- Massively Parallel

Book eleven started 2009-03-02

End Book 11

Book 12- Force Multiplication

Book twelve started 2010-11-29

Sergey, Eaten by Schlock - 2011-01-27 Named in 2011-02-21 Unnamed ambusher in Sergey's gang - Eaten by Schlock - 2011-01-30 A whole batch (dozens) of Professor Pau's multipliers - Sabotaged by Maximilian Haluska - Found by Sclock 2011-05-13 explained by Kathryn 2011-08-28 Six of Maximilain's hirelings - shot by Kathryn on the Happifun Rec-deck 2011-07-31 (presumed dead) Two more of Maximilians hirelings- shot by Maximilian in Beggar Bay to "contain a security breach" 2011-09-11

End Book 12

Book 13- Random Access Memorabilia

Book thirteen started 2011-11-13

End Book 13

Book 14- Broken Wind

Book fourteen started 2013-01-01

End Book 14