Tinth-Philkra System

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Star system, home to the enireth.


Five hundred years before humans burst onto the galactic scene, the enireths undertook their second most ambitious engineering project, and moved three planets into a single rosette orbit. The Tinth-Philkra rosette, comprised of one natural world and two habitiformed worlds, eventually tripled the size of the Enireth biosphere, but not before creating a small tide problem.

The phrase "small tide problem" is an enireth epithet. The ecological disaster on their natural homeworld led to their most ambitious engineering project: evacuation. The enireths abandoned their planets, and have taken to living in a large number of sandwich-shaped space habitats throughout the system [2003-03-30 ].

Prior to the release of the infamous "Tinth-Philkra Dialogues", detailing the betrayal of fleet units in the battle against the Wormgate corporation installation near the galactic core, this system was known as the Philkra system. "Tinth" refers to a class of massive space station in that system [2003-03-24 ].

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