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One of three scientists sent by the UNS to investigate Echo Central.


From the footnote of 2002-06-23 Without going into too much detail, I'll say it involves a flashback to her prior military experience in Nejjatese internecine border disputes. One occasion in particular haunts her -- she correctly judged the moment at which an enemy was going to open fire, but was frozen with fear, and saw comrades perish as a result. While it may be difficult to imagine all this without actual pictures, per se, try to imagine how the panels build very climatically to the current moment when she realizes that Gav's plan to make himself safely redundant is doomed unless she can cut the filters back in line. The imagery as she throws the switch is powerfully symbolic (sadly, the feminists in the audience would likely offer a non-family-friendly interpretation of the symbolism implicit in a female grabbing an oblong, vertically-oriented switch in order to save the life of a male standing within an aperture from penetration by a missile fired from a rigid tube -- fortunately, there are no pictures, and said analysis will never get outside of these parentheses), and can even be said to be triumphant. Since it would have been over twice as long as the panels currently in place, we've decided to give Triniko's flashback a wide miss, and just add this note to the bottom of the strip

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