UNS Battleplate Popigai

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[Insert a brief description of the vehicle here.] Three annie plate. Avatar displayed as brown skinned male human head, bald except for white ponytail.


[Insert the known history of this particular vehicle] UNS Battleplate in war against the Gatekeepers Attempts to extradite the Toughs from Fleetmind controlled space after the TAG teraports out of UNS space after the Glamour Assault operation on Celeschul

Notable Owners/Pilots

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First appearance

[Insert a brief description of the circumstances of the vehicle's first appearance in the comic and a link to that strip.] BP Popigai is shown near the galactic core, involved in action against the Gatekeepers in Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei, Part V: Glamour Assault 2006-05-07

Other notable appearances

[This is for specific vehicles that do not make regular appearances. For ships belonging to the Toughs or other vehicles that make frequent appearances, remove this sub-section.]

Author's Note

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[Insert uncertain and speculative facts about the vehicle.]

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