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The UNS Dublin, was a United Earth warship designed to launch smaller craft into combat. The ships shaped like a "slice of pizza", with three "Globes"; One mounted in it's center, another mounted directly in the aft, while the last is connected to the back of the ship by a rear mounted nacelle pylon.


During the the Teraport Wars, the ship was part of multi-species coalition of warships helping fight the Gatekeepers. The ship served as the flag ship of General Levaughn Matsui "Hugo" Xinchub, appeared to be in charge of the UNS component of the UNS forces.

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  • Aside from it being a carrier or large ships. It is unclear how large the ship is and if it is unique or not. Many early ships of the series aside from the Battleplates, were unique one-offs or were different from one another.

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