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A robot Kevyn built, following Fendorian uplift protocols. Destroyed.


Part of the Board of Accidental Tourism from book 3.

When the toughs realize the rogue robots blowing up a gas giant in the system put a damper on the development of the natives, the Reverend convinces Captain Tagon to authorize the building of an uplift robot, which can help bring the civilization from stone-age to iron-age 2003-07-14.

Follows the Fendorian Uplift Protocols, which stipulate the robot should work consistently for 500 years. To meet that spec, Kevyn had to cannibalize something that exceeded military gear: the Popso chupaqueso vending machine (thankfully, Kevyn was able to convince the repairman to fix it under warranty 2003-09-04).

Too bad those protocols don't say anything about surviving being tossed into a volcano 2003-08-10.


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Built by Kevyn Andresan.


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