Urtheep Industries

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A munitions company, presumed competition to the (in)famous Strohl Munitions.


No history of the organization has been revealed in the strip.

Notable Products

The 100% non-lethal, security enforcement device, the Massively Multi-Morphological Incapacitator, or M3 Tater for short (because in standby mode, it looks like a potato) 2014-06-18.

Affiliations & Relationships

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First appearance

First mentioned in the strip 2014-06-18 when a security officers boasts of his 'tater' to Schlock.

Other notable appearances

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Author's Note

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Considering how negative the Toughs 2014-06-24, and even the UNS 2014-06-20 are toward the M3 Tater, Urtheep industries products must be sub-standard excrement. The first thing Kowalski has the agent Mako do is 'fix' her gun 2014-06-21.

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