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Bradicor member of the Toughs.


Vog is a Bradicor who joined Tagon's Toughs after Massey helped overthrow the former "government" of Ghanj-Rho. In exchange for his help with Project Laz'r'us, Admiral Emm arranged for the rest of the Toughs to be released from UNS custody.

Believed dead by the Toughs, due to false memories implanted by the UNS 2008-02-17, until Petey fixed that (at least for Tagon) 2010-11-29. It is assumed that the other Toughs (that undergo Petey's procedures) will also realize Vog's death is a false memory. (Some Toughs, such as Nick, elected to skip the brain surgery, though it would cost them their job 2012-01-03, 2012-01-08.)

On 2014-04-28 we see a Bradicor sitting in a test tube aboard a UNS installation. As of 2015-04-14 this Bradicor was confirmed to be Vog. He has been treated as a captive and held in a coma. Much of his brain has been taken out as samples. The Doctor reveals he has suffered Laz-4 damage because of this 2015-04-30.

Doctor Bunnigus later revived Vog at Jumpstar Prime, with the help of a piece of Schlock's memory material (2015-04-30 - 2015-06-07). Vog had regressed to a mental state from ten million years ago, however, and had the outlook of an intensely xenophobic warrior. Petey helped him to move on from that (2015-07-20) and told the story of how, ten million years ago, Vog had attacked another tribe of Bradicor and been mentally reprogrammed by them (2015-07-26).

Affiliations & Relationships

  • Former member of Tagon's Toughs
  • Currently presumed residing in Jumpstar Prime


First appearance

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Author's Note

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Vog's name may be an abbreviation for "Very Old Guy".

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