Warrant Class

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A class of ship seen used by the Partnership Collective 2000-10-01


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Basic Technologies used

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Notable Warrant Class Cruisers

The Partnership Collective's Habeas Corpus 2000-10-01


First appearance

Off screen - A Warrant Class Battlecruiser attempts to attack the Kitesfear, which escapes by Teraport. However, it is not ever shown, just talked about. 2000-07-12 On-screen - The Habeas Corpus travels through a wormgate 2000-10-01.

Other notable appearances

[This section is for examples of this class that do not appear frequently. For example, an appearance by the Post-Dated Check Loan would not be listed here, but an encounter with the Staff of Unyielding Order (also a Thunderhead Superfortress) would.]

Author's Note

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