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This is the 31st-century. Most in vivo or in utero sophonts will choose to resort to in vitro reproduction using fine products like the over-the-counter "Wombulator 3500" ("from the people who brought you the Ambulator 1650!") which not only cuts down on the personal inconvenience associated with gravidity, but also cuts down on the mess of labor and delivery (which is a good thing, since Wombulator delivery typically occurs on the kitchen counter.) 2004-06-05


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Notable Examples

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First appearance

appeared in a footnote in strip 2004-06-05.

Other notable appearances

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Author's Note

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It is possible that Dr. Bunnigus was born in a Wombulator, but while the device used fits the description of a wombulator, Bunni was born in a hospital. 2001-02-11

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