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      3317 Paris** (1984 KF)[1] is a Jupiter Trojan[2] asteroid[3] discovered on May 26, 1984 by husband and wife team Carolyn[4] and Eugene Shoemaker[5] at Palomar[6]. It was named not after the French capital[7], but for Paris[8], son of Priam[9] of Troy[10]. By the 30th century, it has been hollowed out and turned into a fortified office/bunker by Damico-P'Sloqye. It is located 59.5 degrees behind Jupiter in Sol system 2010-07-20.

3317 Paris's TAD is located in a room within Paris alongside a 2 meter annie plant. Because of failsafes and a backup, the only way to shut it off is to completely destroy it 2010-10-23.


Shortly after the STIZ was implemented, Damico-P'Sloqye got an exception to it to allow them to operate teraports without interference in their asteroid 2010-08-01. They maintain their own TAD.

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Wholly owned by Damico-P'Sloqye.


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First seen briefly in 2010-07-04, named in the strip immediately after.

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