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Installation bots with a penchant for singing.


When Kevyn realizes they will need installation 'bots to install all the teraport modules in (well... under) Credomar, they starting fabbing thousands and thousands of what will become known as Burana-bots 2009-09-22, and we first see them on 2009-10-12. The name comes from the bots' musical proclivities, which started as a way for Ennesby to keep the new bots occupied2009-10-12. They perform the musical number (O Fortuna, the opening movement of Carl Orff's //Carmina Burana)// for which they were nicknamed for the first time shortly after2009-10-13.

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

Designed by Ennesby All of the BuranaBots are controlled by Lota


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Other notable appearances[edit]

Performance of "O Fortuna", resulting in the name "BuranaBots" on 2009-10-13 The BuranaBots first concert 2009-12-07 Pi smuggles some of the BuranaBots off of Credomar 2010-07-01 A smuggled BuranaBot gets used as "ablative shielding" 2010-08-29 The BuranaBots target the Swimming Scorpion, which is providing teraport denial for the Damico-P'Sloqye headquarters, which is then destroyed by Lota, allowing the Toughs to teraport out of 3317 Paris. A notable "Deus ex Machina" incident.

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