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Lota, short for the Longshoreman Of The Apocalypse, is a robot created by Para Ventura 2008-06-22. Lota does not object to being called a him or a her, but rather to all pronouns in general, leading those who wish to be be on Lota's good side to avoid using them them to refer to him....it....Lota 2008-07-24.


Lota's body was originally a damaged tank, to which Para added arms and sentience so that it could assist in delivering food to Credomar. Lota eventually managed to become King of Credomar 2009-02-22.

Later, Lota employed Tagon's Toughs to provide for the teraporting of the habitat portion of Credomar to a safe alternate location. Thus Lota could use Credomar for its original purpose as a hyperspace superweapon 2009-12-13. During these events, Lota's original body was accidentally blown up 2009-11-01, but Lota's consciousness was already dispersed into other computers 2009-11-06. As the "Long-gunner Of The Apocalypse", Lota saved the Toughs from a trap at 3317 Paris by destroying a ship which was projecting a teraport denial field 2010-11-08.

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First appearance[edit]

Lota first appeared on 2008-06-22, and first had a speaking role on 2008-07-21.

Other notable appearances[edit]

Lota placed a courtesy call to Tagon's Toughs after saving them on 3317 Paris 2010-11-15. LotaII.png

Author's Note[edit]

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