Tagon's Toughs

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Tagon's Toughs

"Travel the galaxy, meet new and interesting life-forms, and then kill them." (company charter, per 2003-07-29)


Tagon's Toughs is a mercenary company currently owned by Captain Kaff Tagon, though it has at various points been owned by Breya Andreyasn and Sergeant Schlock. Roughly seventy people are in the company's employ, and most of them are human. They are divided into officers (commissioned) and grunts (enlisted), where the officers are stakeholders in the company.


Three years after its founding, Tagon's Toughs recruited its first carbosilicate amorph, Sergeant Schlock, and was very shortly thereafter acquired by some entrepreneurs who thought a mercenary company would make a great marketing tool.

Tagon's Toughs was at first licensed to perform mercenary work by the Celeschul Defense Services (which Captain Tagon had served in), but their license was revoked in the aftermath of their destruction of the HTRN building 2006-06-01. Soon afterwards, they received a new mercenary license from Petey 2006-08-04.

Active Personnel

Officers NCOs Grunts Non-Military Personnel

Retired or Dead Personnel

Retired: Dead:


Tangon's Toughs has utilitized number of vehicles from flying Tanks to Starships. This is brief list of known vehicles utilized by the Toughs.


Combat Vehicles

Affiliations & Relationships

[Insert known relationships with other groups or characters]


First appearance

The Tough's first appearance in the strip was in the very first strip: 2000-06-12

Other notable appearances

  • The group was officially identified by this name on 2000-06-18 during Breya's hostile takeover.
  • The logo for Tagon's Toughs was first created by Kevyn on 2004-11-08 and show to the Toughs on 2004-11-19. However, this was an alternate timeline that ended up never happening, and it is unknown when the logo was introduced in the current timeline.
  • 2001-09-30 - Schlock negotiates with Fez Bejo, and licenses out the Toughs for a cartoon series. This has come back to bite him on the... well, to bite him 2009-05-21
  • 2001-05-06 - Tagon's Toughs are named agents of the court in their lawsuit against the Partnership collective. Basically, they get paid to kill attorneys.

Chart of Ranks within Tagon's Toughs

The following is based on an old page from the SchlockMercenary site, the footnote on 2002-04-14 (but that link is dead now). It was retrieved from the Internet Archive[1] .

Rank Pay Grade
Admiral 10
Captain 9
Commander 8
Lieutenant Commander 7
Lieutenant 6
2nd Lieutenant 5
Ensign 4
Chief Warrant Officer 7
Warrant Officer 6
Sergeant Major 5
Master Sergeant 4
Sergeant 4
Corporal 3
Lance Corporal 3
Private First Class 2
Private 1

Author's Note

In A LITTLE IMMORTALITY: SCHLOCK MERCENARY BOOK 17, we are introduced to a numbering convention for the ships that the Toughs have had. Here's the draft.

  • TT01 - Kitesfear
  • TT02 - Post-Dated Check Loan
  • TT03 - Serial Peacemaker
  • TT04 - Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance (technically a facility or station, but we're numbering it anyway)
  • TT05 - Touch-and-Go
  • TT05-06 - Touch-and-Go, after refit
  • TT07 - Bristlecone
  • TT08 - Broken Wind
  • TT09 - Neosynchronicity
  • TT07-10 - Cindercone
  • TT08-11 - [name withheld, it's a refit of Broken Wind]
  • TT12 - [name withheld]
  • TT13 - [name withheld]

The numbering works like this:

TT = Tagon's Toughs

The first number, 01, is the acquisition number of the ship, OR the acquisition number of the ship from which the current ship is based.

The second number is the acquisition number of THIS ship, and is only used in cases where there's a refit, a re-used name, or migrated components.

Thus TT05-06 means "This is the sixth ship the Toughs have had, and it's a refit of the fifth ship."

TT07-10 means "This is the tenth ship the Toughs have had, and even though the only thing that came across from the seventh ship was the AI, we want to reflect that in the numbering."


[Insert uncertain and speculative facts about the character.]

External References

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