Corporal Byron Pontucci

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Corporal Byron "Pronto" Pontucci was a human male member of the Toughs, now deceased.


Pronto had crypto experience and served as an explosives expert. Along with Kevyn, Elf, Schlock, Nick, and Brad, he was captured by Commodore Shufgar's pirates. After their failed escape attempt, Shufgar fatally shot him 2007-04-15. The remote planet on which this took place was named Pronto's World in his honor 2011-12-04, according to Kevyn's suggestion 2007-04-28.

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First appearance[edit]

Pronto first appears in strip 2003-03-23 aboard the Serial Peacemaker.

Other notable appearances[edit]

Pronto is killed by Commodore Shufgar in strip 2007-04-15.

Author's Note[edit]

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