Corporal Burton Nicholson

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One of the original Toughs. Human.

Retired, when he refused Petey's "brain surgery" to restore lost memories 2012-01-08.


Metallic metaphors work best on Nick:

  • Iron sinews.
  • Heart of gold.
  • Mind like a steel anvil.
  • Attention span of Lawrencium-258 [2003-04-03 ].

Corporal Burton "Nick" Nicholson packs an Emmpa-twelve right jab (12 MPa corresponding to 1740 PSI - roughly twice what a late 20th-century professional boxer can deliver) 2010-01-09 and has a neck waaay too big to be regular people 2001-09-19.

Examples of Nick's intellect can be seen here 2003-06-15 and here 2003-07-02.

One of the first characters in the strip, Nick is a broad shouldered, blond haired grunt who knows how to stand his ground.

Affiliations & Relationships

Has a girlfriend, Liz, who works at the Mall in the old MelOne station. 2010-06-25


First appearance

While not identified by name he probably first appears on 2000-10-24 First mentioned by name on 2000-12-17

Other notable appearances

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Author's Note

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