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Toughs' assistant cook and Nick's girlfriend.


Liz (no last name given) studied "comparative Gal-West lit, with an emphasis on Memetic Terranism," which she later describes as "memetics, linguistics, and sociology" 2013-05-27. Met the Toughs on Mall-One during the "Mallcop Command" story arc when she was working at Szupa 2010-01-28. She was impressed by Nick's gallantry in saving Kathryn Flinders 2010-06-02 even though Kathryn was Nick's enemy 2010-06-18. Liz joined the Toughs to assist Ch'vorthq with the cooking 2013-03-16, and holds the rank of Specialist 2013-10-17.

She is not trained as a chef, but has worked fast food long enough to be familiar with what people like. She has used the Comest-i-spense Model II, and recognized that Bristlecone's unit's food hoppers had been swapped out for ammo drums.

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First appearance[edit]

First met by Nick and Legs while at work 2010-01-28

Other notable appearances[edit]

First kiss with Nick: 2010-06-25

Author's Note[edit]

Liz is very intelligent, and well educated as a historian of sorts. Her head is full of Terran-centric pop culture trivia, and she knows enough about these things to quickly look up the full story.


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