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Female human, hair dyed dark but formerly (and naturally Facebook) blonde; slim, agile, and intelligent. 30 or 31 years old when first encountered.


According to her blogged bio: Married and divorced at 18, educated at Marineris Dam City University, recruited into UNS Intelligence as an analyst at 22 2011-06-11.

Kathryn was part of a team of UNS analysts (also including Trevor and Barry) who served on the //Tunguska //and survived its destruction by Pa'anuri in the Zoojack system 2012-04-29. She received an honorable discharge 2011-02-09. She and her analyst/gymnast team got involved with Tagon's Toughs on Mall-One 2010-02-11. Petey made her a new bus after Schlock destroyed her previous one at 3317 Paris 2013-01-31, but the new bus was destroyed, too, at Haven Hive 2011-10-03.

She joined the Toughs as a lieutenant and was serving on the //Neosynchronicity// under Captain Murtaugh as of 2014-04-11.

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On 2011-04-30 Kathryn changes her appearance to avoid being caught by Schlock and Ennesby. KathrynDisguise.png

First appearance

Book 11 Massively Parallel, Chapter IV Mallcop Command. Collides with Legs while running interference for the Urban Runner gang 2010-02-11.

Other notable appearances

Bit parts as driver when her bus is requisitioned, usually by Schlock, just after it has been repaired or replaced.. (Running gag) 2010-08-03 Major part in Book 12 Force Multiplication, starting 2010-12-27 when her bus is hired for the trip to Haven Hive.

Author's Note

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


I think Howard is grooming this one for a big part. I see her joining the Toughs after the Haven Hive escapade. She will fit in seamlessly. Maybe Tagon meets his match...

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