Major Alexia Murtaugh

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Red-headed ex-commander of the Sanctum Adroit presence at Haven Hive in Celeschul system.


Human female, moderate height, athletic build from what can be seen in her armor. Hair short, light red-brown. Appears tough and fairly competent. Her actions so far indicate high ethical standards, even at personal risk.

She commanded the Sanctum Adroit detachment sent to protect Professor Pau. After that incident ended with the commandeering of //Bristlecone,// she was fired and took a job with Tagon's Toughs.

Soon she was promoted to captain of the Toughs' newest ship //Neosynchronicity, leading the detachment sent to escort the Neoafan delegation to the Plutorliament.

Affiliations & Relationships

  • Formerly a major in the employ of Sanctum Adroit, a mercenary police force and armed-response service, commanding the gunship Bristlecone.//
  • Currently a captain in the employ of Tagon's Toughs.


First appearance

Major Murtaugh first appears in strip 2011-07-24 in Beggar Bay on Haven Hive, responding to Professor Pau's panic button.

Other notable appearances

Fired from Sanctum Adroit. 2011-11-01 Joined Tagon's Toughs as a sergeant 2013-03-17 Promoted to captain of the //Neosynchronicity// 2014-03-30


Author's Note

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