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UNS Battleplate. Destroyed.


The Tunguska is/was a UNS Battleplate.The basic geometry of the Tunguska is the polyhedral simplex, a triangle. Tunguska is about eight kilometers to a side and just under a kilometer thick 2004-02-25.

The Tunguskas A.I. is Gus, quite humorous and literate but with a mean streak 2004-02-29.

Destroyed by the Pa'anuri in the Zoojack system 2004-03-12.

Notable Owners/Pilots[edit]

General Xinchub's flagship, until his capture. Admiral Gracie, went down with the ship.


First appearance[edit]

The Tunguska stops and requires to board the //Serial Peacemaker// to "__collect the fugitive UNS agent Doyt Gyo__"; 2002-12-29

Other notable appearances[edit]


In strip 2004-03-11 the Tunguska is compared to an approaching dark matter entity and the difference in size is given using Disney's Finding Nemo characters.

Author's Note[edit]

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


Named after the Siberian Tunguska meteoric air-bust event

Judging by the given measurements of the sides, the annie plants are at least 1.22 km in apparent diameter, even assuming that the visible portion on the top is one full hemisphere. It seems likely that they are much larger given the angle they are shown in the first appearance, but the annie plants do seem smaller from the bottom 2004-02-24.

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